Substance Abuse Disorders

On this episode of AudioHelicase podcast, Whitehead Fellow Olivia Corradin talked about investigating the genetic underpinnings of diseases through a new technique she developed, the outside variant approach. Applying the method to study the autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis (MS), Corradin and colleagues identified a role for a cell type in the brain in MS, offering a new way of understanding the disease. 

Some of the newest and brightest at Whitehead Institute discuss their current research and the future of science. Speakers include - Whitehead Institute Fellow Olivia Corradin: Uncovering New Insights into Human Disease from Genetic Risk Factors - Whitehead Institute Member Ankur Jain: Liquids, Gels, and Neurodegeneration - Whitehead Institute Fellow Kristin Knouse: Innovation in Regenerative Medicine Moderated by Nancy C. Andrews, MD, PhD, former dean of Duke University School of Medicine