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Whitehead Institute researchers are uncovering the functions of cellular components once thought to be of little consequence, or even harmful to cells.

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Orange, yellow and red starfish in a glass dish.

Unusual Labmates is a series that explores some of the more unusual models used for research at Whitehead Institute. From rare plants to luminescent beetles to regenerative starfish and worms, these organisms and their unusual traits provide insights into the underlying biology and incredible diversity of living things.

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The podcast of Whitehead Institute, unwinding the science and the people behind some of the Institute’s most exciting discoveries.

Collage of people and pets of Whitehead Institute

There’s more to Whitehead Institute than meets the eye. Its labs carry out world-class biomedical research, but the people here also find ways to pursue their other interests and make Kendall Square a more colorful place. In our ongoing series #BeyondtheLabBench, we’re collecting some of those colorful sides of the Institute to give you a sense of what life here is like.

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From MIT Biology and Whitehead Institute: BioGenesis is the podcast where we get to know a biologist, where they came from, and where they’re going next.

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Behind the scenes of each new discovery made at Whitehead Institute is a committed group of scientists who keep the Institute’s core facilities running. The cores enable the Institute’s researchers to get the data they need, to frame their questions in the most insightful ways, and to take advantage of the latest technologies in each field. Meet some of these remarkable scientists here in our series, #ThankYouCoreFacilities.

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Research at Whitehead Institute follows broad, intersecting trajectories. These collections of videos, podcasts, and written articles aim to illuminate the different angles our scientists take to tackle the same problems, and highlight the interdisciplinary cross-pollination that often leads to exciting advances.

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Interesting findings from Whitehead Institute, wrapped up in a three-times-yearly video. 

Two people in lab coats work at a bench.

Postdocs are a vital and integral part of Whitehead Institute's research. This series is comprised of profiles that give a glimpse into the lives and work of those scientists.

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TabulaSynthase, the blog of Whitehead Institute, brings together ideas and perspectives from the Whitehead community and beyond.