Infectious Disease

Our researchers are working to understand the biology underlying infectious diseases and the microbes and viruses behind them, using innovative genetic approaches and new tools and methods.

toxoplasma parasites

Toxoplasma parasites


Clare Harding

Our Focus

Infectious disease is a broad category encompassing many illnesses, from sexually transmitted diseases to deadly tropical diseases, that are spread by pathogens--including bacteria, viruses, and fungi--and that plague people around the world. These diseases can be difficult to prevent or treat, due to the ubiquity and resilience of the pathogens that spread them. Our researchers are investigating the biology of these diseases and the pathogens that spread them, and so building a necessary foundation of knowledge that could be applied to combat them.

Colorful blobs on a black background.

Haiting Ma/Whitehead Institute

Toxoplasma gondii parasite clusters in a host cell

Clare Harding/Whitehead Institute

Tiny green HIV viruses surround a pink blood cell.

CDC Public Health Image Library