A woman in a blazer stands, arms crossed, in front of the Whitehead Institute building.

Ruth Lehmann


Gretchen Ertl/Whitehead Institute

Whitehead Institute Leadership

Ruth Lehmann, world-renowned developmental and cell biologist, is Whitehead Institute's fifth director. She leads all aspects of the Institute, championing scientific discovery in a research environment that not only supports, but encourages risk taking, while fostering and supporting a culture of inclusion and excellence.

Governing Boards and Administration

Chaired by Sarah Williamson, the Institute’s Board of Directors plays a vital governance role. The Board’s 20 active members participate on a variety of working committees throughout the year and meet quarterly as a full body.

A world-class group of scientists provides valuable third-party perspective on Whitehead’s current and future research programs.

A team of professionals ensures that the Institute’s resources and operations are optimized to support Whitehead’s core scientific mission.