BioNook is Whitehead Institute's online biology resource, offering exciting learning enrichment for students, parents and teachers. Find videos, podcasts and stories on Whitehead Institute Science, as well as virtual workshop opportunities through BioNook’s After School Science Club, and ideas for nature-based activities.

Plant with pink fuzzy flowers


BioNook continues its mission to offer families and educators free materials on biology and research—from deep explorations of how science is done, to stories following the lives of scientists, to suggestions for fun outside activities and hands-on citizen science projects.

Throughout the pandemic learning shifted to both hybrid and remote models leaving kids (and parents) to look for virtual ways to engage in, and learn about science. BioNook to the rescue: Our team at Whitehead Institute worked to cultivate an online resource to engage students, parents, and teachers in the amazing world of biology creating exciting learning enrichment opportunities for the entire community.

Electron microscopy of three types of pollen, each with its own pattern

Read, listen and watch stories about plant biology, cancer, model organisms and more. 

A person takes a photo of a field at sunset

Get outside and learn about wildlife firsthand with help from these online resources!

Rebecca Povilus smiling and holding a small pot containing a plant, in the greenhouse

Meet the people behind the science.

Lucila Scimone stands in front of a tree

If you are interested in science, there are many careers that you can pursue, from a variety of research positions to fields such as medicine, conservation, patent law, and education. Meet Whitehead Institute staff members who are taking different paths in science.

Photo of red flowers.

Take part in activities that involve real data collection you can do from home as a citizen scientist.

Kava plants

Join online scientific workshops and activities with Whitehead scientists

Danielle Tomasello

Watch scientists answer questions for students — or submit your own! 

Birds wading in shallow water

There are hundreds of live-streaming webcams located all over the world that allow us to peek in on what animals are doing in their daily lives. This section provides a selection of webcams, as well as an observation activity. 

Screen capture of planarians eating.

Join Whitehead Institute scientists for an up-close and personal look at the many biology related questions being explored in today's research environment.