Plant Biology

Whitehead Institute Symposium, "Harnessing the Untapped Power of Plants for Human Health", allowed two leaders in plant biology, Whitehead Members Mary Gehring and Jing-Ke Weng, to provide a window into their research and to describe how plants are a major gateway to the future of biomedicine and biotechnology. In this video, Gehring discusses "Beyond the Gene: Epigenetic Control of Plant Development", which describes mechanisms that control gene expression without altering the DNA's sequence.

In this video, Whitehead Member Jing-Ke Weng's graduate student, Olesya Levsh, outlines her journey to Whitehead, which personified a commitment that is at the very heart of our mission: guiding and nurturing the next generation of scientists. Weng also described how he uses a muliple "-omics" platforms -- genomics, metabolomics, proteomics, and more -- to learn about the medicinal components found in some plants.

With unique sustainable engineering method, a team of Whitehead Institute researchers unlocks the biochemistry needed to synthesize key substance from rare medicinal plant.