The W.M. Keck Biological Imaging Facility provides scientists with the equipment, training and support necessary to generate and interpret microscopic images. In addition to serving Whitehead and MIT, the facility is open to the local research community.

COVID-19 reopening (as of 1//2020)

Access and training:
The Keck is now open to all previously trained users, both within and from outside Whitehead, for use of the instruments on which they are already training and for training on new instruments. Please submit a Reactivation Request form when you want to return.
- Training is available for new users from Whitehead, MIT and Broad and for existing users needing access to new instruments. Please submit a Training Request (existing users) or New User form.
- Training for new users from outside Whitehead and MIT is unfortunately still not available, due to building access.  Imaging service may be available for small projects, please contact Cassandra Rogers.
- Instrument access is limited by room occupancy. Sub-rooms are limited to one person per room. The Kecklendar system has been updated to prevent booking more than one system in a room at the same time. Some instruments have been relocated to increase access. See instrument notes in Kecklendar.

New procedures:
Mask must be worn at all times in the Keck
- Gloves are optional.
- Hands must be washed upon entering the Keck Facility and, if gloves are desired, fresh gloves must be donned.
- Eyepieces and surrounding area must be covered with plastic wrap.
- All touched surfaces must be disinfected with 70% Ethanol
See SOP for more details.

Cassandra is available for remote assistance and consultations, including phone, video chat and desktop sharing on the microscopes.  
- If you think you might, or will, need my help during an imaging session, please make an appointment with me so that I am not otherwise occupied.
- I am on-site Monday through Friday (barring unforeseen circumstances).
- I am available for remote assistance and consultations, including phone, video chat and desktop sharing on the microscopes, when I am on-site and when WFH.
- For help with equipment while you're imaging, please call or text my cell phone--the number is posted in several locations within the Keck.
- If you can't find Cassandra, Brandyn, imaging specialist, is also on site and can help answer any questions as well.
- To make an appointment for consultation or new acquisition settings, please email