Life as a Biologist

Rebecca Povilus smiling and holding a small pot containing a plant, in the greenhouse

Learn what it’s like to be a postdoctoral researcher (AKA postdoc) at Whitehead Institute, how our postdocs found their way to science, their biggest disasters in the lab, and what they enjoy doing outside of work.

Head and shoulders photo of Sophia Xu with the BioGenesis logo.

In each episode of this new podcast, we talk to a biology graduate student about what experiences drew them into science and how those experiences have shaped their research.

A group of people stand and kneel in front of a chalkboard

From MIT Biology: A science slam features a series of short presentations where researchers explain their work in a compelling manner to make an impact.

Audiohelicase logo superimposed on a photo of a flower.

The podcast of Whitehead Institute, unwinding the science and the people behind some of the Institute’s most exciting discoveries.

People on a Zoom call hold up FoldScopes

Research technician Brittania Moodie has been leading virtual science workshops for rural students in her home country of Jamaica to help improve access to science education.

Lucila Scimone stands in front of a tree

If you are interested in science, there are many careers that you can pursue, from a variety of research positions to fields such as medicine, conservation, patent law, and education. Meet Whitehead Institute staff members who are taking different paths in science.