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Learn what it’s like to be a postdoctoral researcher (AKA postdoc) at Whitehead Institute, how our postdocs found their way to science, their biggest disasters in the lab, and what they enjoy doing outside of work.

Carly Martin is developing a detailed map showcasing which genes are turned on or off across cell types during seed development. Step into her world as a graduate student in the Gehring Lab at Whitehead Institute and see — through a combination of video and text — what a typical day is like for her, as she explores innovative ways to enhance agricultural sustainability.

In each episode of this podcast, we talk to a biology graduate student about what experiences drew them into science and how those experiences have shaped their research.

The podcast of Whitehead Institute, unwinding the science and the people behind some of the Institute’s most exciting discoveries.

Research technician Brittania Moodie has been leading virtual science workshops for rural students in her home country of Jamaica to help improve access to science education.