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Watch scientists answer questions for students — or submit your own! 

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Curious about biology, human health, and disease? Ever wondered why scientists do what they do? Have your questions answered in BioNook's newest tool for the investigative student, Ask a Scientist. Students in grades 5-12 can submit questions in writing to be answered by a Whitehead Institute scientist via video. Recorded responses will be featured online through BioNook and may be selected for Whitehead Institute’s Twitter feed.


What is Drosophila? How is it used as a model organism in the lab? 
7th Grade Student
Charlestown, MA

What is the difference between a plant cell and an animal cell? 
Abby D.
8th grade
Billerica, MA

Why is learning about biology important?
Finn T.
5th grade
Billerica, MA

Submit your own

Still curious? We want to hear from you! Please submit your questions to Amy Tremblay at Submissions should contain a maximum of (3) questions, and include the following student information:

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Only one question per submission will be selected for a recorded response.