Science Themes to Explore


Explore Whitehead Institute’s recent infectious disease research, from apicomplexan parasites to zika virus and how it may help lead to prevention strategies, treatments, and cures.—just remember to wash your hands well after reading. 

Whitehead Institute researchers are making important insights into the biology of the brain, from how it develops to what goes awry in neurodegenerative diseases and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Explore how researchers at Whitehead Institute are breathing new life into the study of rejuvenation, the ability of cells to repair and replenish tissues — and potentially learning how to slow or reverse the changes our cells experience over time. 

Take a journey into the world of plant research and discover how this illuminating group of organisms is becoming a major gateway to the future of biomedicine and biotechnology.

Explore how novel research and development efforts are changing the way we as a society think about cancer now and how we might address it in the future.

Explore the latest research into the cutting-edge fields of genetics and genomics and how it’s changing the way scientists think about the causes and treatments of some of our most intractable diseases.

Discover how biological sex differences affect the underlying causes of disease, leading to wide-ranging implications for both medical research and treatment. 

Meet some of the common and not-so-common species used for research at Whitehead Institute.

Explore how researchers at Whitehead Institute seek to understand the activity of and interactions between the many molecules that make up the complex world of the cell.