Thank You Core Facilities

Behind the scenes of each new discovery made at Whitehead Institute is a committed group of scientists who keep the Institute’s core facilities running. The cores enable the Institute’s researchers to get the data they need, to frame their questions in the most insightful ways, and to take advantage of the latest technologies in each field. Meet some of these remarkable scientists here in our series, #ThankYouCoreFacilities.

Collage of core facilities
Meet the Scientists Keeping Whitehead Institute’s Core Facilities Thriving

Glasswashing Core Supervisor Uma Tejaswi says that most of her team clocks in long before sunrise. Arriving at Whitehead Institute at 4 A.M. or earlier lets the glasswashing group make sure that the hallway shelves are stocked with sterile glassware by the time that researchers arrive to begin their days. 

Maya Mitalipova, director of the Human Stem Cell Facility, isolated some of the first human embryonic stem cell lines confirmed by the National Institutes of Health in 2001. With 18 years of experience with human embryonic stem cells (HSCs) and having isolated 19 HSC lines at Whitehead Institute, Mitalipova says that her knowledge lets her troubleshoot nearly any hurdle that researchers encounter.