Whitehead Culture

Gavin Schlissel is a postdoc in Whitehead Institute Member Pulin Li’s lab studying cell signaling and how proteins move between cells. We sat down with Gavin to learn more about him and his experiences in and out of the lab.

Han Tran is a Damon Runyon Postdoctoral Fellow in Whitehead Institute Director Ruth Lehmann’s lab studying endoplasmic reticulum biology in the context of the cells that make eggs and sperm. We sat down with Tran to learn more about her and her experiences in and out of the lab.

Lucila Scimone is a staff scientist in Whitehead Institute Member Peter Reddien’s lab studying how cells build and regenerate body parts in the flatworm planarian. We sat down with Lucila to talk about her experiences as a staff scientist and her interests in and out of the lab.