Video: Spring 2024 research highlights from Whitehead Institute

Catch up on exciting discoveries at Whitehead Institute. New work from the Yamashita lab shows that asymmetrical cell division, specifically in germline stem cells (GSC), conserves enough ribosomal DNA to be passed on to future generations. Spatial maps constructed by Reddien lab members reveals that when planarians regenerate, differentiating stem cells are spatially heterogeneous, with adjacent cells choosing different fates. New work from the Page lab reveals that both the "inactive" X chromosome and the Y chromosome regulate thousands of genes found on autosomes, with far-reaching effects beyond the reproductive system.

Researchers in the Cheeseman lab have created a new experimental system to better understand how protein complexes assemble to aid in cell division. Weissman lab researchers are tracing the lineages of blood cells, an approach that sheds light on how blood production changes as we age, and how those changes influence disease risk. Researchers in the Jain lab uncover how excessive DNA repeats lead to cellular dysfunction in repeat expansion disorders such as Huntington's Disease.



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