Whitehead Institute Story Collections

Gain a broader perspective on environmental research, epigenetics, COVID-19 and more through these collections of multimedia stories. 

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Research at Whitehead Institute follows broad, intersecting trajectories. These collections of videos, podcasts, and written articles aim to illuminate the different angles our scientists take to tackle the same problems, and highlight the interdisciplinary cross-pollination that often leads to exciting advances.

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Whitehead Institute primarily focuses on biomedical research, and yet in recent years researchers in several labs here have discovered ways in which their work might contribute to climate resilience and sustainability. Scientists here are applying their skills to problems of climate change and sustainability in medicine, agriculture, and beyond.

A person holds a pot of purple smoke with DNA in it

Beyond the Gene is a collection of pieces across storytelling mediums—text, audio, and video—that together paint a picture of how current research at Whitehead Institute is expanding the understanding of gene regulation.

Covid in liver cells. Green is dsRNA, red is calreticulin, blue is nuclei stained with DAPI.

Since the start of the pandemic, several Whitehead Institute scientists have pivoted their research focus to address the biology of SARS-CoV-2 and the health impacts of COVID-19.