What can you do with a science degree?

If you are interested in science, there are many careers that you can pursue, from a variety of research positions to fields such as medicine, conservation, patent law, and education. Meet Whitehead Institute community members who are taking different paths in science.

Science Careers

Lucila Scimone is a staff scientist in Whitehead Institute Member Peter Reddien’s lab studying how cells build and regenerate body parts in the flatworm planarian. We sat down with Lucila to talk about her experiences as a staff scientist and her interests in and out of the lab.

Whitehead Institute researcher Raghu Chivukula is a physician and a scientist. Read about one of his projects: a mysterious case in the clinic that led Chivukula and collaborators to discover a new genetic lung condition.  

Behind the scenes of each new discovery made at Whitehead Institute is a committed group of scientists who keep the Institute’s core facilities running.