Pioneering Research Programs

Advancing biomedical science to improve human health is Whitehead Institute’s core mission. And our Faculty, Fellows, staff scientists, and trainees are recognized for their insight and creativity in identifying opportunities and developing new methods for answering the most important research questions in biomedicine. The resulting advancements in foundational knowledge expand science’s understanding of the causes of diseases ranging from Alzheimer’s and diabetes to metastatic malignancy to Zika virus. Moreover, our researchers’ discoveries are sparking development of new and more effective diagnostic tools and treatments.

And yet, despite its demonstrated long-term benefits, foundational biomedical research  is seriously underfunded in the United States. This is especially the case for the kind of high-risk/high-reward investigations at which Whitehead Institute excels. 

Donors can help to bridge the funding gap by providing support (in any amount) for individual Members’ and Fellows’ labs or for research on specific diseases or scientific challenges.