Genome Technology Core

The Genome Technology Core, a fee-for-service facility, provides both expertise and equipment for systems biology. The core has significant resources in next generation sequencing.

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We offer Next-Generation sequencing on the Illumina platform. We have 1 NovaSeq 6000 system, 2 HiSeq 2500 systems with Rapid mode capabilities and 1 Miseq system.

We offer several NGS library preparation services for a variety of starting materials and applications.

We currently offer two types of single-cell sequencing: SMART-Seq2 (96 well plate based), and 10X Genomics.

We currently offer transcript abundance measurement using The nCounter™ Analysis System. The system is able to detect 1 copy of mRNA per cell, can measure up to 800 genes per reaction, and requires only 10-100 ng of total RNA for analysis. The nCounter can also be used for miRNA profiling and CNV analysis.

The GTC offers RNA and DNA quality assessment service using BioAnalyzer and Fragment Analyzer.

The GTC features the QuantStudio 6 Real-Time PCR system from Applied Biosystems for quantitative PCR. This highly flexible system supports both 96 and 384 well plate formats for both Taqman and SYBR green applications.


Tom Volkert, Director, Phone: 617-258-5094 Email: volkert at wi dot mit dot edu 

Jennifer Love, Technical Associate II, Phone: 617-258-8803, Email: jlove at wi dot mit dot edu

Sumeet Gupta, Lead Bioinformatics Analyst, Phone: 617-324-0339, Email: sgupta at wi dot mit dot edu

Stephen Mraz III, Technical Assistant I, Phone: 617-258-8803, Email: sjmraz3 at wi dot mit dot edu

Amanda Chilaka, Technical Assistant II, Phone: 617-258-8803, Email: achilaka at wi dot mit dot edu

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