Postdoctoral Fellowships

Newly minted PhD recipients from across the globe come to Whitehead Institute for appointments as postdoctoral researchers. The caliber of these smart and talented young scientists is unsurpassed. They drive our laboratories forward, day-to-day, helping advance Institute Members’ research initiatives while developing their own technical skills and scientific visions.

In turn, at Whitehead Institute these young scientists are able to use state-of-the-art technologies, gain advanced training in their own disciplines, and be exposed to ideas and methods from many other fields. And they benefit significantly from mentoring by Members, Fellows, and senior colleagues. 

Postdoctoral researchers are critical to Whitehead Institute’s standing as a world-class research organization. And Postdoctoral Fellowships better enable us to support the work of these budding investigators. Fellowships help support scientific experiments and data analysis, collaborations within and between labs, and the development of new techniques and approaches.

For these young researchers, a named Postdoctoral Fellowship is both a mark of distinction and an important career step. For Whitehead Institute, the establishment of a named Postdoctoral Fellowship signals a donor’s desire to be a partner in advancing biomedical discovery and strengthening the next generation of scientific leadership.

A Postdoctoral Fellowship can be endowed with a gift of $2,000,000.