Whitehead Member named a 2013 Franklin Institute Laureate

Head and shoulders shot of Rudolf Jaenisch

Whitehead Institute Founding Member Rudolf Jaenisch


Chris Churchill/Whitehead Institute

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — The Franklin Institute of Philadelphia today named Whitehead Institute Founding Member Rudolf Jaenisch one of eight 2013 Laureates—esteemed individuals honored for their pioneering achievements in science, technology, and business leadership.

Jaenisch will receive the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Life Science for “discovering heritable controls of gene expression that are independent of the DNA sequence information. These mechanisms affect normal development and diseases, such as cancer, and suggest promising new therapies.”

Established in 1824, The Franklin Institute describes its award program as the “oldest and most comprehensive science and technology honor bestowed in the country and around the world.” Other 2013 Laureates include Subra Suresh, Director of the National Science Foundation, and Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO of computer firm Dell, Inc. The roster of past Laureates includes Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Marie Curie, Orville Wright, and Stephen Hawking.

In announcing the awards, Franklin Institute President and CEO Dennis M. Wint stated: “These exceptional individuals and their remarkable achievements do more than continue the legacy of Benjamin Franklin. They serve as role models for our youth, helping to ignite that spark of curiosity which has led to so many incredible and important discoveries.”

Jaenisch and his fellow Laureates will receive their awards in Philadelphia next April during a week-long celebration of science.



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