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New Gilliam Fellowship recipients doctoral researcher Anaïs Tsai (right) and Whitehead Institute director Ruth Lehmann.


Gretchen Ertl/ Whitehead Institute

Whitehead Institute researchers receive an HHMI Gilliam Fellowship

Doctoral researcher Anaïs Tsai and Whitehead Institute director Ruth Lehmann are recipients of a 2023 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gilliam Fellowship for Advanced Study.

The Gilliam Fellowship — which is awarded jointly to graduate students and their advisors — invests in young researchers from populations historically excluded and underrepresented in science, so that they are prepared to become scientific leaders.

Tsai is a doctoral candidate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Working under Lehmann’s guidance, Tsai is researching how germline transcription is regulated by a pioneer transcription factor during embryonic development. Learn more about the Gilliam Fellowship program and its 2023 awardees here.



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