A Message from the Director

The following letter was sent to the Whitehead Institute community from Whitehead Institute Director Ruth Lehmann on January 7, 2021. 

Dear Whitehead Community,

Our democracy was attacked yesterday. It fills my heart with such pain to watch what happened yesterday at the US Capitol.  As a child growing up in Germany, I learned how essential it is for society to embrace the values of democracy.  Now I see with my own eyes how quickly a stable government can fall into chaos. And how important it is for all of us to safeguard the liberties of freedom and democracy. Let us all commit to that crucial work and recognize how central it is to the culture and success of our research.

With hope and optimism for the future,

Ruth Lehmann
Director, Whitehead Institute


Communications and Public Affairs
Phone: 617-452-4630
Email: newsroom@wi.mit.edu

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