Letter from Whitehead Institute Director Ruth Lehmann 1/31/22

Dear Members of the Whitehead Institute Community,

As you may have read the current surge of COVID-19 cases are on the decline across Massachusetts and we have seen the same within our own community. In addition, due to the high vaccination and booster rates within our community most cases have been relatively mild. Given this please see updated COVID-19 Guidelines below. These will go into effect Monday 1/31/22.


  • Meetings Those who would like to, can resume in person meetings. We encourage meeting organizers to have a remote option in order to accommodate those who would prefer not to attend in person.
  • Remote Work Staff who were regularly in the building during the fall, but worked remotely during January are welcome to return to working in person.
  • Face Coverings As a reminder all staff are required to wear a face covering while at the Institute, with exceptions for single-occupancy private offices, and while eating/drinking. Clothes masks are not permitted at Whitehead. We strongly encourage wearing of N95/KN95 masks provided by the Institute.
  • Travel and Testing: As a reminder staff who return from travel outside the state will need a negative test before returning to the Institute. If you have access to a rapid or PCR test outside of WI please use this and send results to humanresources@wi.mit.edu in order to be cleared to return. If you do not have access to a test, extra tests will be made available at the Institute for your use.
  •  Quarantine and Close Contact The Institute’s current guidelines on quarantining after testing positive and what to do when / if you are a close contact can be found on the Institute’s Covid-19 Resources page.  
  • If you have not done so already please send in your Covid-19 vaccination card with booster information if applicable to humanresources@wi.mit.edu


We are grateful for everyone’s continued cooperation. By working together we can ensure the Institute continues to be a safe and healthy environment for all.