Online Tools

Looking for online resources to help with your flow cyometry experiments? Check out the resources below!

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At the beginning stages of designing a panel for flow cytometry? Check out these peer-reviewed panels that have been developed for flow and published in Cytometry Part A

Online learning portal with webinars, interactive courses, past CYTO meeting recordings and more! Hosted by ISAC (International Society for Advancement of Cytometry) 

Not sure what the excitation and emission spectras are for the fluorescent probes in your experiment? Check out this spectraviewer to learn more! Spectraviewers by BDBiolegend and Bio-Rad are also available. 

Need more information on FPs you plan to use in your experment? Look no further! FPbase is a great resource to learn more about FP properties.

"The New England Cytometry User’s Group continues to provide a forum for discussion and debate on topics pertaining to the science of Cytometry. The forum organizes conferences and presentations of specific interest to the New England area clinician, research scientist, laboratory/clinical associates, and students. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the field of Cytometry."

AI based tool to find antibodies for use in your experiments. Free to academia.


MetroFlow is a resource for people in the New York metropolitan area involved in the field of analytical cytology; and mostly for those utilizing Flow Cytometry technology.