A webinar featuring Tobiloba Oni

Unleashing the Antitumor Immune Response

Date & time

Whitehead Institute
455 Main St Cambridge,
02142 MA


One of the most powerful tools we have to fight cancer is the immune system. Indeed, the breakthrough cancer therapies of the decade are based on activating the immune system to eliminate cancer cells. Although these immunotherapies have shown dramatic and durable responses in some cancers, such as melanoma, they have not been effective in highly aggressive malignancies such as pancreatic cancer.

Whitehead Fellow Tobiloba Oni seeks to uncover the underlying reasons why pancreatic cancer is resistant to immunotherapies and develop new strategies to sensitize this aggressive malignancy to immune attack. Lessons learned from pancreatic cancer will be directly applicable to other aggressive malignancies. In this webinar, Oni will outline the general principles of anti-tumor immune responses and discuss his lab's strategies to unleash an immune attack against pancreatic cancer.