Bioinformatics & Research Computing

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What we do

Consultation and collaboration; training and education; and software in the areas of bioinformatics and graphics.

Even though we're not physically at Whitehead these days, we continue our mission to help Whitehead scientists!

If you'd like to contact us, email, and we can follow up that way or by phone or videoconference.

Bioinfo Basics

Learn about bioinformatics and computational tools for biology.

Find information about hot topics in bioinformatics and computational biology.

These are "how-to's" detailing the methods that BaRC uses and finds to work effectively.

Bioinfo Tools
Developed at Whitehead Institute
Group Members

George Bell

Inma Barrasa

Prathapan Thiru

Troy Whitfield

Bingbing Yuan

View papers co-authored by BaRC scientists on PubMed.

Frequently asked questions

Visit the BaRC Wiki site for FAQs about Whitehead Institute bioinformatics resources.