Multimedia Feature: Looking Beyond the Gene

September 30, 2019

Tags: Bartel LabGehring LabJaenisch LabPage Lab Stem CellsRNAEvolution + DevelopmentCancerGenetics + GenomicsProtein FunctionNeurobiology

Looking Beyond the Gene is a collection of pieces across storytelling mediums — text, audio, and video — that together paint a picture of how current research at Whitehead Institute is expanding the understanding of gene regulation. Explore the topics below, begin with Looking Beyond the Gene for an overview of the subject and the research interests of Whitehead Institute researchers, then delve deeper in an Audiohelicase podcast with Whitehead Institute Member Ankur Jain, the video "Like Pearls on a String" about Whitehead Institute Member Richard Young's work, and two written pieces: Regulatory RNA: The sculptors of gene expression and Epigenetics: Chemical guideposts for gene expression.


Illustration of scientist letting genie DNA out of a pot
Image of Ankur Jain podcastStill image from video: Like Pearls on a String
Illustration of a hairpin loop from a pre-mRNAImage of methylation in mouse embryos

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