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Image of planarians

November 22, 2017

Surprising roles for muscle in tissue regeneration, study finds

Whitehead Member Peter Reddien pinpoints distinct muscle subsets that orchestrate and pattern regrowth

Image of a cell in anaphase

November 16, 2017

Of highways, engines, and chromosomes

Whitehead researchers unravel fundamental molecular machinery that propels chromosome movement

Illustration of scientist opening a cell and looking at a molecule

November 9, 2017

Key nutrient sensor identified for cellular pathway linking nutrient availability to cell growth

Whitehead Member David Sabatini has identified the methionine sensor in the mTOR pathway, which is a crucial metabolic pathway in cells. His work provides interesting data suggesting that the anti-aging and anti-diabetes effects of low methionine and mTOR inhibition may be connected.

Image of mouse spermatocyte, which is the source of retinoic acid

November 7, 2017

Retinoic acid regulates transitions in mouse sperm production

Researchers swimming upstream in reproductive technology work now have important insights into sperm production

Image of red algae and Roland Kersten on Ventura beach

October 30, 2017

A new workflow for natural product characterization comes ashore with red algae

Whitehead Member Jing-Ke Weng uses an omics-based path for identifying and generating sesquiterpene-based therapeutics at scale.

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