Ask a visiting scientist to describe Whitehead Institute, and two themes emerge immediately: the exceptional quality of the scientific staff and the uniquely collaborative culture—an ethos that encourages researchers at every level to share new ideas and benefit from the insights and experience of their colleagues. The key to this combination of excellence and accessibility is, of course, the faculty.


Fellows Program

Designed to nurture future leaders in science, the Whitehead Fellows Program provides a handful of exceptionally talented young scientists the rare opportunity to set up an independent research program as an alternative to a traditional postdoctoral position.


Postdoctoral Program

Director David C. Page describes Whitehead’s postdoctoral scientists in glowing terms:

“Our postdocs are and always have been the backbone of the Whitehead Institute. They contribute enormously to the success of the Institute's scientific mission, and they literally are the focus of our hopes for the future of biomedical research. I am extremely proud of their accomplishments, both during their postdoctoral tenures here at Whitehead and in their subsequent careers at leading institutions around the globe.”


Whitehead Fellow Kristin Knouse

October 2, 2018

Knouse earns coveted research award

Whitehead Fellow Kristin Knouse has received an NIH Director’s Early Independence Award, enables exceptional junior scientists to move immediately into independent research positions. 

Whitehead postdoc Jarrett Smith

September 12, 2018

Jarrett Smith receives Hanna Gray Fellowship from HHMI

Whitehead Institute postdoc receives Hannah Gray Fellowship from Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

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