Board of Associates

The mission of Whitehead Board of Associates (BOA) is to enhance the Institute’s ability to improve the health and welfare of all human beings through leading-edge research, education in the biomedical sciences, and extending the boundaries of knowledge for future generations.

Role of BOA Members

  • Associates support the Institute’s scientific mission through personal philanthropy and by sharing their leadership skills in science, business, finance, education, communication and other fields.
  • Associates increase the Institute’s visibility by sharing their own enthusiasm for the exceptional accomplishments of Whitehead scientists at the forefront of discovery.
  • Associates help the leadership of Whitehead Institute develop new relationships with individuals, academic institutions, foundations, and corporations dedicated to furthering the advancement of biomedical science in the United States and abroad.

Membership Benefits

  • Membership in the Board of Associates provides a unique window on the latest developments in biomedical science.
  • Associates interact directly with renowned Whitehead scientists at the BOA Annual Colloquium and at more intimate educational and outreach programs in Boston, New York and other regions.
  • In the collegial environment of Whitehead Institute, Associates confer with other BOA members—leaders in science, business, government, law and the media—who share a keen interest in the future of science and technology and its impact on society.

BOA members receive Whitehead publications (Whitehead Annual Report and Paradigm magazine) featuring insights into the process of science, Whitehead discoveries, and current information trends in science and science policy. 


Executive Committee

Lydia Canizares
Leatrice E. Gochberg
John C. McCormick
Lyerka D. Miller, Chair

BOA members quiz postdoctoral scientist Gisela Chen

BOA members (from left) Don Hetzel, Robin Kassimir, and Ruth Scheuer quiz postdoctoral scientist Gisela Chen (right).

Photo: Justin Knight

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