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Hazel Sive named associate dean of MIT School of Science

June 11, 2007

Her new role she will focus on educational issues and initiatives.

New Whitehead Fellow Kate Rubins studies infectious disease

March 8, 2007

She investigates poxviruses, a class that includes not only smallpox but cowpox, monkeypox and vaccinia—the virus from which the smallpox vaccine is developed.

Charles Ellis named Chair of Whitehead Board of Directors

December 12, 2006

Charles D. Ellis has been elected Chair of the Board of Directors for Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research.

Rudolf Jaenisch receives Max Delbrück Medal

December 1, 2006

The German Center honors Jaenisch for discovering non-genetic mechanisms in both cancer and stem cells.

Weinberg to head Ludwig Center for Molecular Oncology at MIT

November 15, 2006

The new center, which will be administered through MIT’s Center for Cancer Research (CCR), will focus on the biology of cancer metastasis.

Whitehead researchers named among Scientific American’s top 50

November 6, 2006

Whitehead Members Susan Lindquist and Richard Young, along with postdoctoral scientist Laurie Boyer, have been named in Scientific American magazine’s annual list of the world’s 50 top leaders in research, business or policy.

Lindquist and Jaenisch elected to Institute of Medicine

October 12, 2006

Election is considered one of the highest honors in the fields of medicine and health.

Laurie Boyer awarded Genzyme Fellowship

October 5, 2006

She will study how specific sets of genes are turned on or off in embryonic stem cells in order to permit cellular differentiation.

Terry Orr-Weaver receives American Cancer Society award

October 2, 2006

The appointment highlights the importance of conducting basic research on model organisms to elucidate key processes in human cells.

Whitehead creates first endowed chair

September 26, 2006

Gerald R. Fink is named the Margaret and Herman Sokol Professor of Biomedical Research.

Reddien wins Rita Allen Scholars award

August 21, 2006

Foundation honors Reddien for the relevance of his work to cancer stem cells.

Susan Lindquist wins HHMI appointment

May 16, 2006

Lindquist will remain at Whitehead Institute while HHMI employs her and funds a large percentage of her research.


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