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Kevin Eggan Wins Harold M . Weinbtraub Grad Student Award

April 2, 2003

Sixteen graduate students from North America and Europe, including Kevin Eggan of the Jaenisch lab, have been selected to receive the 2003 Harold M. Weintraub Graduate Student Award, which is sponsored by the Basic Sciences Division of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Bartel research team wins prestigious AAAS Newcomb Cleveland Prize

February 16, 2003

The discovery of micro-sized RNA molecules (miRNAs)—a breakthrough described as "the biological equivalent of dark matter, all around us but almost escaping detection"—earned the coveted 2001-2002 AAAS Newcomb Cleveland Prize.

Beyond the Double Helix: Spring Lecture Series at the Museum of Science

January 23, 2003

Save the dates for this year's spring lecture series at the Boston Museum of Science, March 5, 12, and 19. This year's series, "Beyond the Double Helix," will feature Whitehead researchers who are taking a variety of new approaches to elucidate how genes and proteins coordinate cell activity and, in some cases, cause disease.

Lydia Villa-Komaroff, Maxine Singer Join Whitehead Leadership

January 21, 2003

On January 1, the Whitehead Institute welcomed Lydia Villa-Komaroff and Maxine Singer to its leadership ranks. Villa-Komaroff was named Vice President of Research and Chief Operating Officer for the Whitehead Institute; Singer assumed the Chairmanship of the Institute's Board of Directors.

Biotech 2010: Vision for the Future

January 13, 2003

Massachusetts can seize the opportunity to achieve global leadership in the life-sciences economy if the Commonwealth takes a more active state role in the promotion and support of biotechnology, according to a new report issued this month by the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MBC) and the Boston Consulting Group.

From Seashells to Nanocomputers

December 12, 2002

What can a humble seashell tell us about how to build biocomputers at the nanoscale level—50,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair? Plenty, according to Angela M. Belcher, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Bioengineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Whitehead Launches Affiliate Program

November 13, 2002

In today’s research arena, success requires biologists, physicians, chemists, mathematicians, and bioinformatics specialists to funnel unique expertise into shared projects. At Whitehead, interdisciplinary collaboration has fostered discoveries at the intersection of what were once disparate disciplines and has inspired the Institute to aggressively recruit diverse talent to the lab.

Ursinus to Bestow Honorary Degree on Director Susan Lindquist

November 5, 2002

Known for groundbreaking work in the study of the stress response and protein folding, Susan L. Lindquist, the Director of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, will receive an honorary degree from Ursinus College on Nov. 12, 2002.

David Sabatini Appointed to Whitehead Faculty

October 1, 2002

The Whitehead Institute recently welcomed David Sabatini as its newest faculty member. Sabatini, who joined the Institute in 1997 as a Whitehead Fellow, was named an Associate Member at Whitehead and an Assistant Professor in the biology department at MIT.

Genome Center Director Eric Lander to Visit His Holiness the Dalai Lama

September 30, 2002

The Genome Center got in touch with its spiritual side last week when it brought together Whitehead’s Tibetian employees—the largest Tibetan workforce in Cambridge—for afternoon tea. Almost fifty members of the Whitehead Tibetan community joined Genome Center Director Eric Lander to discuss his upcoming visit with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Whitehead Member Gerald Fink Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

August 5, 2002

Whitehead Member Gerald Fink got a rousing "thank you" today from his colleagues in the field of yeast biology. The heartfelt recognition came in the form of the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award given at the biennial Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology Meeting in Madison, Wisconsin. The breadth and depth of his achievements made the decision to select Fink as the first recipient of the award "a slam dunk" choice, said Tom Fox of Cornell University and a former student of Fink's, who presented the award.

Harvey Lodish Elected President of the American Society for Cell Biology

July 20, 2002

Whitehead Member Harvey F. Lodish was elected President of the 10,000-member American Society for Cell Biology for the year 2004. Since its founding in 1960, the American Society for Cell Biology has brought together experts in the varied facets of cell biology to advance scientific knowledge, increase public awareness of the importance of biomedical research, and guide national policy on the education, training, and career development of biomedical researchers.


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