Postdoctoral Program

Whitehead prides itself on attracting bright young researchers and providing an environment that nurtures them. Motivated postdoctoral scientists design and complete many of the experiments at the Institute. They benefit from the expertise of world-renowned faculty members and other postdocs and graduate students, with whom they often collaborate.

There are two kinds of Whitehead postdocs: associates and fellows. Associates receive funding from the Institute, while fellows receive stipends from government agencies such as NIH and foundations such as the American Cancer Society. Both positions fall into the category of postdoctoral appointments, which are designed to be for a period of three to five years, providing that an appropriate match between the postdoc and the lab is maintained and funding is available.

Postdocs are appointed directly by Whitehead labs. If you are interested in a postdoctoral position, please visit our faculty members’ bio pages and contact them directly.


Whitehead Institute Postdoctoral Association (WIPDA) consists of postdoctoral scholars and members of the administration and faculty who have a special interest in issues that are important to Whitehead Institute postdocs and wish to work together on those issues. The organization is currently focusing on career development, postdoc mentoring, communications, and social events. Past achievements include the establishment of higher salary levels and equalized benefits for postdoctoral associates and fellows, and the implementation of child care benefits for Whitehead employees.


Postdoc profiles

Whitehead Institute is dedicated to training the next generation of scientists, especially postdocs.  "Whitehead’s devotion to its training mission is reflected in an attitude and a philosophy that pervades the Institute, creating an atmosphere that elicits inspiration and perspiration from the trainees, whose work drives our labs’ discoveries," says Iain Cheeseman, Whitehead Member and an associate director of the Institute. "We are fortunate to recruit truly outstanding scientists to Whitehead, and once they are here, we do everything we can to support their training and professional growth.” Here are profiles of a few of Whitehead Institute's remarkable postdocs.

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