Since 2004, the Whitehead Institute has provided an allowance to each postdoctoral-level researcher who obtains external fellowship funding to support their postdoctoral training program. The allowance may be used to cover expenses such as a computer, travel costs to a scientific conference, books, memberships to scientific organizations and other expenses that are in support of the postdoc's research.

Purpose: Whitehead encourages Postdoctoral Associates to apply for external fellowships. In recognition of their meritorious achievement, the Director’s Fellowship Allowance program provides Whitehead postdocs who are awarded individual fellowship support from external sponsors an institutional allowance.

Eligibility Requirements: In order to be eligible for the Director’s Fellowship Allowance, a postdoc must apply for and be awarded, through a competitive process, funding from an external Foundation or governmental agency. Postdoctoral Fellows are eligible for this allowance whether their sponsor awards funds directly to Whitehead and the Institute in turn provides monthly stipend support to the fellow, or the sponsor provides stipend support directly to the fellow, rather than through an award to Whitehead. Also, “visiting postdocs” whose primary appointments are at other institutions are eligible to receive a Director’s Allowance.

Allowance: Eligible postdoctoral fellows will have access to $2,500 from the Director’s Office to support research-related expenses, including such things as a computer, travel to professional meetings, or other tools and supplies to support their training experience. All purchases must be made through the Whitehead Purchasing Department. Only one Director’s Fellowship Allowance will be provided to a fellow during a fiscal year regardless of the number of different fellowships the postdoc receives during that fiscal year.

Plan for Fiscal Year 2010 and beyond: In support of successful new external fellowship applications, the Director will provide recipients with a Director’s allowance of $2,500 on a one-time basis when the fellowship is initially activated.



The Whitehead Postdoc Association sponsors Educational Awards to help Whitehead Postdocs supplement their financial needs to attend meetings, take courses or buy books that are directly relevant to their postdoctoral training. Awards of up to a maximum of $1,000 will be given to each recipient to help cover any portion of the costs such as registration, travel or housing.

Please note that priority will be given to first time applicants. You are not eligible for this award unless you have completed six months of your Whitehead postdoc at the time of application.

The award only applies to the meeting indicated on the application form. If you receive an award and decide not to go to that particular meeting, you will need to reapply for support for another meeting.

In general awards are granted two times a year. Application forms are provided to all postdocs by email. The completed applications are reviewed by the WIPDA Educational Award Committee and awards are announced within several weeks of the application deadline.

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