Career-related Events

The Postdoc Association sponsors various seminars that are interest to postdocs.

Coffee Hour

There is a weekly coffee hour on Wednesday afternoons in the Whitehead cafeteria.

Beer Hour

Scientists and support staff mingle during this social hour that is hosted by the labs on a semi-monthly basis.

Postdoc Association BBQ

The WPDA BBQ is held every June or July.  Spouses and children are invited to attend.

Whitehead Forum

Whitehead Forum is a weekly seminar held during the academic year on Fridays at 12:30 in McGovern Auditorium.

Biology Colloquium

Biology Colloquium is a weekly seminar held throughout the academic year, featuring distinguished speakers in many areas of the biological sciences, from many universities and institutions worldwide. Unless noted otherwise, the Colloquium takes place in the Stata Center, building 32-123, at 4 p.m. every Tuesday.

Independent Activities Period (IAP)

The Independent Activities Period (IAP) is a special 4-week term at MIT that runs from the first week of January until the end of the month.

Whitehead Retreat

The annual Whitehead retreat takes place every September in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire. It starts mid-afternoon on a Friday and ends after lunch on Sunday. The purpose of the retreat is to share current research and encourage discussion and collaboration. Faculty and Fellows speak 20 and 10 minutes respectively about their current research, and their labs present posters in sessions that follow the talks. As much of the science has not yet been published, the retreat is only open to Whitehead researchers and a small number of invited speakers and guests. Usually, there are special speakers and panel discussions.

Researchers stay in hotel rooms and condos, all within a few minutes walking distance of the conference center. The beautiful valley is also host to a pond, tennis courts, a golf course, hiking, bird watching, mountain biking, and more, all of which attendees can avail themselves of on their free afternoon.

Buses depart from Whitehead on Friday morning and return on Sunday after lunch.

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