Whitehead Institute in the running for STAT Madness

Credit: STAT News

March 2, 2020

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Work on sex differences from Whitehead Institute Director and Member David Page’s lab is one of 64 discoveries -- from DNA microscopes to tiny tooth-cleaning robots to reanimated pig brains -- chosen for STAT’s March Madness-style single-elimination competition for a biomedical research champion. 

Whitehead Institute’s chosen entry presents a comprehensive survey of sex differences in gene expression between humans, monkeys, mice, rats and dogs. Genes identified in the paper explain 12% of the variation in human height, and show that sex differences changed and specialized as mammals evolved. The study, published in the July 2019 issue of Science,  was chosen as one of the 64 competitors from a pool of 128 entries. Last year, a Whitehead Institute paper from Rudolf Jaenisch’s lab on fragile X syndrome won STAT’s Editor’s Pick award.

Click here to cast your vote in STAT Madness 2020. The first round of voting began March 2, and will continue until March 8. Be sure to check back each week to vote for your favorites in the coming rounds. The champion will be announced on April 6.

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