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May 2, 2019

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Whitehead Institute is hosting Spring into Science — evening lectures for the Cambridge community featuring the latest in biomedical research. Registration required. Scroll down for more information and to register.



Whitehead Institute Fellow Kristin Knouse

May 8, 6-7pm

Lessons from the Liver: Uncovering Novel Approaches for Regenerative Medicine

Kristin Knouse

Scott Cook and Signe Ostby Fellow, Whitehead Institute


 The inability of organs to renew themselves and the loss of differentiated cells underlies numerous diseases across organ systems, including heart attack, stroke, and neurodegeneration. However, the liver, in contrast to most organs, has a remarkable ability to regenerate itself after various forms of injury. While the liver’s regenerative ability has been appreciated for decades, it is still unclear why the liver can do this while other organs cannot. Kristin Knouse, a Fellow at Whitehead Institute, will be discussing the work in her laboratory aimed at understanding what endows the liver with this unique regenerative ability with the ultimate goal of one day conferring this capacity to other organs in the setting of injury or disease.

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