New Magazine to Explore Findings and Impact of Life Sciences Research

October 7, 2003

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — The world of life sciences research has changed a great deal in recent decades. Advances in technology and biology have enabled scientists to pose questions they never before dreamed they might be able to ask — or answer.

Keeping track of all this new information and understanding how it fits into day-to-day life can be overwhelming, a problem a new magazine from Whitehead Institute seeks to address. The new publication, called Paradigm, will report on life sciences research at Whitehead and beyond, exploring the process behind science and placing the work in the context of the social, scientific and political world around us.

Paradigm, which will be published twice a year by the Office of Communications and Public Affairs at Whitehead, will be distributed to a diverse audience that includes high school science teachers; policymakers; Whitehead’s community of faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends; and others.

The debut issue of Paradigm is available as a 3 MB PDF. For more information or to be added to the magazine’s mailing list, e-mail


Communications and Public Affairs
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