Genetics + Genomics

Select achievements include:

Richard Young

Described a looping genome structure that helps regulate gene expression

David Page

Linked Y chromosome’s “Achilles’ heel to sex disorders

Gerald Fink

Developed a method for genetically engineering salt and drought tolerant plants

Rudolf Jaenisch

Developed the first transgenic mouse model of a severe human genetic disease, as well as the first mouse clone carrying an inserted gene

Richard Young

Developed the first comprehensive cellular network describing how the yeast genome produces life

Harvey Lodish

Isolated key genes involved in diabetes, hypertension, leukemia, and obesity

Gerald Fink

Engineered yeast that speeds ethanol production

David Page

Mapped and cloned the male-determining Y chromosome, revealing a unique self-repair mechanism that allows the Y to protect some of its most important genes

Eric Lander

Pioneered the automation and informatics strategies for DNA sequencing and contributed one-third of all human genome sequence assembled by the Human Genome Project

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