Past Programs

For more than 20 years, the Whitehead Teachers' Program has been sharing cutting-edge discoveries with high school and community college educators. Below are topics from previous years, including links to descriptions and presentations.


2017-2018: How Technology Drives Biology
2016-2017: Gut Feelings: Your microbiome, in Sickness and in Health

2015-2016: Precision Medicine

2014-2015: The Science behind Biotech Breakthroughs

2013-2014: Neuroscience Now: The Quest for Breakthroughs in the Brain
2012-2013: Deciphering Disease in the Genomic Age
2011-2012: Advances in Cancer Biology and Therapeutics
2010-2011: Reassessing the Threat: Infectious Diseases in the 21st Century

2009-2010: The Genetics of Human Disease
2008-2009: Pursuing the Promise: Advances in Stem Cell Science
2007-2008: Controlling Genes
2006-2007: The Awesome Power of Genetics
2005-2006: New Drugs for Old Diseases
2003-2004: Life in Process: Evolution, Diversity and Change
2002-2003: Biological Challenges to Humanity: Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases
2001-2002: Neuroscience Today: Getting Behind the Mind’s Eye
2000-2001: Beyond the Scientific Frontier
1999-2000: Genomics, Genetics, and Evolution
1998-1999: Bioengineering
1997-1998: Molecular Medicine
1996-1997: Biotechnology
1995-1996: Evolution
1994-1995: Genetic Models for the High School Classroom
1992-1993: Molecular Approaches to Human Disease
1991-1992: Molecules of Life: Exploring Science at the Whitehead Institute

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