Oh the Nerve! Neurological Disorders and the Brain


The brain is the body’s main control center, containing billions of nerves that give us the power to think, speak, and move. Its complexity is unmatched, making it hard for scientists to study.

Through the combination of technological advances and novel approaches to neuroscience, genetic, and genomic research, scientists are becoming increasingly better equipped to study the brain and to address fundamental questions about how the brain works—and why, all too often, it doesn’t.

Over April 16-18, 2019, Whitehead Institute’s Spring Lecture Series for High School Students, Oh the Nerve! Neurological Disorders and the Brain, explored the many ways in which today’s researchers are unraveling the mysteries of some of our most vexing neurological and neurobehavioral disorders.

This special three-day program included presentations from pioneering scientists, hands-on workshops in laboratories at Whitehead Institute, visits to local biotech companies and research organizations, and lunches with young Whitehead scientists.

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