High School Student program: Lecture Series

Genetic Engineering Today

More than four decades have passed since researchers created the first genetically modified organism by inserting antibiotic resistance genes into the bacteria E.coli. Since then, genetic engineering has yielded a host of advances, including drugs that treat diseases ranging from diabetes to multiple sclerosis to cancer, crops that are insect- and drought-resistant, and animals used in the study of human disorders.  

Although gene modification is an established and essential practice in biotechnology and biomedical research, its use in other arenas—such as agriculture and food production—remains controversial.  But should it be?

On April 21-23, 2015, Whitehead Institute presented Genetic Engineering Today, an in-depth look at the realities, myths, risks, and vast potential of genetic manipulation. This special three-day program included presentations from pioneering scientists, tours and demonstrations in laboratories at Whitehead Institute and nearby research facilities, lunches with young Whitehead scientists, and a panel discussion on the safety of genetically-modified foods. 

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