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High School Student program: Lecture Series

Whitehead Institute’s 2014 Spring Lecture Series for High School Students: Picture This: Neuroimaging and the Brain

The brain is the body’s main control center, containing billions of nerves that give us the power to speak, imagine, and solve problems. Its complexity is unrivaled, making it difficult for scientists to study both normal and abnormal brain function.

Over the past decade, the methods used to study the brain have advanced dramatically, due in large part to breakthroughs in neuroimaging. New technologies have allowed scientists to look more closely at the brain’s highly organized infrastructure to see exactly what makes it tick.

During Picture This: Neuroimaging and the Brain, students learned first-hand how leaders in the fields of neuroscience and medicine are employing cutting-edge imaging techniques to explore brain function and help develop new strategies to treat a host of neurological disorders.

This special three-day program included presentations from some of the world’s most prominent neuroscientists, tours and demonstrations in laboratories at Whitehead Institute and nearby research facilities, lunches with young Whitehead scientists, and a panel discussion on the impact of brain injury on behavior and disease.

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