High School Student program: Lecture Series

Whitehead Institute’s 2008 Spring Lecture Series for High School Students: Cell Wars: The Battle Between Infectious Agents and Their Hosts

You’re under attack! Yes, our bodies are in a constant state of war with countless infectious agents.

"Cell Wars: The Battle Between Infectious Agents and Their Hosts” took students on a journey into how researchers are unraveling some of biology's greatest unanswered questions about infections, such as how does our immune system distinguish friend from foe, and how do viruses dodge our immune responses?

Speakers included top researchers in the field of immunology, virology and yeast genetics. The event also included lab tours at Whitehead and nearby institutions, lunch with young Whitehead scientists, and a panel discussion on the public health issues of emerging infections.

Students looking at a microscope slide

Students participating in a lab demonstration during a recent program.

Image: Justin Knight/Whitehead Institute

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