High School Student program: Lecture Series

Whitehead Institute’s 2006 Spring Lecture Series for High School Students: Human Origins

"The great insight of Charles Darwin was that all organisms are related in a great chain of being extending from the distant past to the present. The Darwinian principle that organisms vary randomly and the fittest are then selected by the forces of their environment guides biological thinking to this day."—Harvey Lodish et al, Molecular Cell Biology

The process of evolution is responsible for both the remarkable similarities and amazing diversities we see across all life—but how exactly does it work, and what does it say about what makes us human?

During the 2006 Whitehead Spring Lecture Series for High School Students, participants learned how Whitehead researchers and other experts are exploring the science of human origins.

Speakers included Whitehead Institute’s Jennifer Hughes, Broad Institute’s Tarjei Mikkelsen and Harvard University's Richard Wrangham. The event also included a panel discussion on the controversy of teaching Darwinism in public schools, laboratory tours (Whitehead and off-site labs), and lunch with young Whitehead scientists.

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