High School Student program: Lecture Series

Whitehead Institute’s 2004 Spring Lecture Series for High School Students: Of Mice and Microbes: The Amazing Evolution of Scientific Supermodels

Some flew and some swam to greatness. Others earned accolades by being cheap and easy to house. One lucky critter wiggled all the way to a Nobel Prize. How? By becoming scientific supermodels. From mice to microbes, researchers now depend on a motley cast of characters to play the role of model system. By mimicking human diseases or recreating environments where scientists can study life’s basic biology, model organisms are used to investigate some of today’s hottest topics.

At this year’s Whitehead Lecture Series for High School Students, participants learned more about how model systems have shaped modern biology. Speakers included Whitehead scientists Harvey Lodish, Hazel Sive, and Mark Daly. Students also participated in break-out sessions on topics like cloning, stems cells, and prion disease, tour our laboratories, and had lunch with young Whitehead scientists.


Program Presentations

Computer Supermodels: Understanding Model Systems with Bioinformatics
Using Mouse Genetics to Understand Human Disease [3.6MB ppt]
Why do Bacteriologists Study Bacteria, Yeasts, Worms, Flies and Mice [5.8MB ppt]

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