Past Programs

The Spring High School Student Lecture Series topics are current themes that reflect concerns voiced in the news, the latest developments in research, and science's impact on our daily lives.

Game Changers: Emerging Technologies Transforming Tomorrow’s Biology (2018)
The Human Microbiome: What Your Gut is Telling You (2017)

Precision Medicine: Cancer and Beyond (2016)

Genetic Engineering Today (2015)

Picture This: Neuroimaging and the Brain (2014)
Picture This: Neuroimaging and the Brain (2013; canceled due to events surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing)
Bridges to Bioengineering
Taking Stock of Stem Cells (2011)
ABC's of Childhood Disease (2010)
Deconstructing Evolution (2009)
Cell Wars: The Battle Between Infectious Agents and Their Hosts (2008)
Conquering Cancer (2007)
Human Origins (2006)
Stem Cells: Promises and Problems (2005)
Of Mice and Microbes: The Amazing Evolution of Scientific Supermodels (2004)
AI: Modeling the Human Mind (2003)
AIDS: Taming the Modern Plague (2002)
Genomics, Genetics, and Evolution (2001)
Bioengineering (2000)
Molecular Medicine (1999)
Biotechnology (1998)
Evolution (1997)
Genetic Models for the High School Classroom (1996)
Molecular Approaches to Human Disease (1995)
Molecules of Life: Exploring Science at the Whitehead Institute (1994)

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