The Human Microbiome: What Your Gut Is Telling You


The human microbiome is a collection of microorganisms that live on or within the human body. A growing number of studies associate these microbes with the way our bodies function, highlighting the importance of a harmonious relationship between these organisms and their human host.

With rapid advances in sequencing methods and techniques, scientists are only just beginning to understand precisely how these microbes can support health, cause disease, and perhaps be manipulated to improve human health.

During the 2017 program (April 18-20), called The Human Microbiome: What Your Gut Is Telling You, we explored the current state of microbiome research and its impact on disease treatment and prevention.

This special three-day program included presentations from pioneering scientists, hands-on workshops in laboratories at Whitehead Institute, visits to local biotech companies and research organizations, and lunches with young Whitehead scientists.

The high school program is open to students ages 14 and over. Admission requires parental consent. All registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis (up to 5 students per school).  Registration is capped at 50 students and is expected to fill within 48 hours of registration opening.

For more information contact Amy Tremblay at tremblay@wi.mit.edu or 617-258-7270.

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