The Whitehead Spring Lecture Series for High School Students


Since its inception in 1990, Whitehead’s Spring Lecture Series for High School Students has encouraged students to explore the facts behind the science headlines through exposure to cutting-edge topics in biomedical research.

This special three-day program will include presentations from pioneering scientists, hands-on workshops in laboratories at Whitehead Institute, visits to local biotech companies and research organizations, and lunches with young Whitehead scientists.

The program is open to students ages 14 and over. Admission requires parental consent. All registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis (up to 5 students per school). 

Registration is capped at 50 students and is expected to fill within 24 hours of registration opening.

“This series has changed my life. It has shaped me, and allowed me to discover a passion for research. Thank you!”

-- Student, Grade 12, Homeschool


The Spring High School Student Lecture Series topics are current themes that reflect concerns voiced in the news, the latest developments in research, and science's impact on our daily lives.

Game Changers: Emerging Technologies Transforming Tomorrow’s Biology (2018)
The Human Microbiome: What Your Gut is Telling You (2017)

Precision Medicine: Cancer and Beyond (2016)

Genetic Engineering Today (2015)

Picture This: Neuroimaging and the Brain (2014)

Tom Volkert, Director of Whitehead's Genome Technology Core, discusses how genes are sequenced with high school student program participants.

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