Workshop overview

The workshop begins with an introduction from real scientists, who will work with students throughout the week. Students are guided through the story of a mock crime that has occurred. Several suspects are introduced, each having motives for committing the crime.

Students then attend daily sessions to learn about forensic science and to apply their new knowledge to solve the mock crime. Typical sessions include blood typing, chemical identification, chromatography, and fingerprinting. Concepts introduced vary from heredity to chemical reactivity to the proper application of the scientific method. Students will also hear from guest speakers and partake in hands-on laboratory demonstrations.

On the final day of the workshop student groups prepare and present their findings in an oral presentation that parents are welcome to attend.

Program Organizers

Science from Scientists, founded in 2004, is a 501c3 focused on providing hands-on science modules taught by real scientists to over 2,000 students annually. Science from Scientists develops and delivers lessons to 4th – 8th graders during in-school time, ensuring all students are able to experience the joys of scientific discovery.

Whitehead Institute is a world-renowned non-profit research institution dedicated to improving human health through basic biomedical research. By cultivating a deeply collaborative culture and enabling the pursuit of bold, creative inquiry, Whitehead fosters paradigm-shifting scientific achievement.

Participant in the Forensics program

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