Biology Week Calendar:
Seminars, Symposia and Events

As a service to the scientific community, Whitehead Institute hosts Biology Week, a listing of biology seminars and symposia in the Boston/Cambridge area. Biology Week is a web-based publication that allows readers to access a simple URL to view up-to-date calendar listings.

If you have questions about posting your event after reading the guidelines below, please email Biology Week Administrator Amy Tremblay (

How to view the Biology Week calendar

Access the calendar by visiting A month’s worth of listings will show up in your browser.

You may also decide to change your viewing options by clicking on the yellow tabs in the upper left-hand corner of the calendar. The calendar can be viewed by Day; Week; 2-Week; Month; Year. You can also view the calendar by categories by clicking on the particular category of interest. For more information on how to use the calendar, click on the “Help” button.

How to post a submission to Biology Week

Anyone may post a submission to Biology Week. A “Submit Event” feature is displayed on the top right-hand corner of the calendar. Once clicked, a user-friendly form will appear in which submissions can be made. Be sure to fill out all the pertinent information. Please note: incomplete submissions will NOT be approved.

Once the form is complete, click the “Add” button to send your submission through for approval. A page will then appear confirming that your submission has been sent. To return to the calendar, click on the calendar icon in the top left-hand corner.

An email notification will be sent to the creator of the event once the submission has been approved. Please note: You must fill out your email address at the bottom of the form in order to receive an email notification.


Since Biology Week is an interactive publication, there are NO specific deadlines. However, events submitted will be approved on Wednesday and Friday so please take this into consideration when posting an event.

What to include in your submission

All submissions must include the following information for approval unless otherwise noted:

  • Exact date and time of event
  • Title of talk
  • Category
  • In the "Description" box, include: 1) Speaker’s name and affiliation 2) Exact location of event (room number, building name, institute or company name), and 3) Full name and phone number of a contact person who can answer our questions or our readers’ questions
  • Submitter’s name
  • Submitter’s email address (for email notification)

Please note: DO NOT use the “Repeat” function on the submission form, as this does not pertain to the Biology Week Calendar.


If you are submitting a listing for a symposium or event featuring more than one talk and/or speaker, please list all speakers’ names and affiliations, and all titles of talks in the “Description” field on the “Add Event” form.

Please include any miscellaneous details (registration deadlines, fees, parking information, meal information, etc.). We will post all information we deem crucial, as well as additional details to the extent that space permits.

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